Gourmet Foods

Here’s a list of our signature gourmet food items! You won’t find this level of quality anywhere else.

Crab Stuffed Salmon Wrapped in Bacon

Our crab stuffed salmon wrapped in bacon is delicious! Bake it in the oven for the best cooking results.

Wild Royal Red Torpedo Shrimp

Try our crab stuffed torpedo shrimp! Cook it in the oven or in the grill.

Crab Stuffed Mushrooms

These stuffed mushrooms are the kind of appetizers you want to pair with a good steak!

Zorba Stuffed Filet Mignon

Our special zorba stuffing is made with sundried tomatoes. It is out of this world!

Shrimp Skewers Wrapped in Bacon

You’ll love these peeled & deveined shrimp skewers! Your choice of cajun, barbecue, and plain flavors.

Stuffed Chicken Breast

Our famous stuffed chicken breast is simply amazing! Choose from 7 different stuffings: Cordon Bleu, Calzone, Zorba, Crab, Florentine, Milano, Five-Cheese. You can bake or air fry.

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